Friday, 31 August 2012

Silverlight Maps minus Bing

After reviewing the astronomical prices Microsoft want to charge for the use of Bing maps. I started looking for another solution.

We have a external system developed in Silverlight which used the Silverlight Bing map control. When I signed up with Bing maps I niavely didn't realise that it was an evaluation subscription and after 1 year I got dreaded email informing me that the evaluation period was over.

I immediately found a free mapping service OpenStreetMaps. We replaced the Bing map control with an html overlay trick to display the OSM maps. The downside was adding multiple pushpins, OSM does like being hammered with 20+ pushpins.

Once again I search for another solution until I came accross this Using OSM with Bing Maps control. Works a treat and doesn't require and Bing Map API Key - Kudos to Chris Pietschmann.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Outlook 2007 and Exchange - The Battle

I've recently rolled out Exchange 2010 across our company. All is well until we come to connect Exchange to Outlook 2007 clients. The infamous 'Password Prompt' problem occurs.

Before I explain the solution, I delve into our topology. We are running a Windows Domain; call it and we have a separate Exchange domain; call it Now we also have a as our as our internet domain. Our domain server also acts as a dns server. All client have the dns address pointing at this server.

Now the problem lies inside Outlook 2007 and its autodiscovery function. It seems it gets confused and although you can connect to Exchange it constantly nags for the password even thought the tick to save it is checked.

After many hours of browsing and trying different solutions I came up with the idea to use the Exchange Server address and the primary dns on the client and domain servers address as the secondard dns, this of course worked. I no longer have the password prompt problem with Outlook 2007 and Exchange 2010. Yay!


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