Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Exchange Studio

I recently rolled out Exchange 2010 server. After deployment I thought about an easy manangement console for everyday task because I perfer not to wrestle with the Exchnage ManagementShell (EMS). So I created Exchange Studio.

This exemplifies the use of the Metro design language, I'll will be able to execute the majority of day to day tasks thus making Exchange Administration easy.


After sucessfully deploying our Barracuda Spam and Firewall 300 appliance, I decided it would be time to produce some analytical information based on the network activity.

I hooked into the Barracuda and captured inbound messages and logged them to a database in realtime. With the information at hand and some IP geocoding I produced a realtime UI showing where spam originates.

This is first cut of the application future versions will be able to produce some information like:
a. Top IP Spammers
b. Top Country Spammers
c. Top Spam recepients

Also based on the frequency of the spam and IP I could dynamically block the IP address on our Cisco 2800 router using a telnet and IOS commands to apply access-list on the inbound interface now that would neat way to block persistent spammers.