Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Building Hackintosh with Mavericks

A basic recipe for cooking up Mac OS X Mavericks on a PC.

1 8Gb or more USB
1 Mac OS Compatible PC
1 Copy of Myhack
1 Retail Copy of Mac OS X Mavericks
The ability to stomach kext files and unix.
1 Mac or Hackintosh already setup and running
1 Copy of Multibeast

Carefully configure your PC Bios settings as follows.
  • Disable Quick Boot.  
  • Configure SATA as AHCI
  • Change boot order of drive make USB highest priority

Now format you USB an a Mac using Disk Utility, make the 1 partition with Mac Journal settings.

Now copy your Retail Mac OS to the desktop.

Run MyHack 

Use Myhack to navigate to the copy of Mac OS on the desktop (Alternatively you can copy it to Applications).

After MyHack has finished creating the USB open the USB using finder navigate to System/Library/Extensions Remove files beginning with AppleIntelHD*

Place the USB in your new PC ready for Hackintosh and boot, select -v (verbose).
Hopefully all being well you should have a new hackintosh PC.

Use Multibeast to fix kext files for audio, video etc.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Android Development

I've been involved with Android development, it's a big change from Windows development and C#.
I'm using Google's Android Studio for the IDE and find it quite a good platform very different from Visual Studio IDE but just as good.

The project in detail is a rewrite of an existing Silver light application for Sales Reps and working right across most Android devices 4.0 and higher. The application is client/server or mobile cloud based ;)
Data is server from a WCF server running in our organisation and use RESTful web services to serve up the data.

Here are some screenshots:

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Postcode Areas UK

I've create a database to hold of the Postcode Areas in the UK, you can test the area and district by entering the Prefix Letter(s) and Number(s) of your post code here

Friday, 22 March 2013

Metro Controls

Finally developed version 1.0 Metro Controls for Windows Forms.

The initial control set will contains:

Check Button
Combo Box
List Box
Progress Bar
Progress Ring
Round Button
Tab Control
Tile Control
Toggle Switch

Dark Theme 

Light Theme 

Friday, 4 January 2013

Metro Themed Controls for Winforms

Just been pondering about styling a Windows Form application with Metro Controls. I can see there are a lot of costly 3rd Party controls and I'm thinking of creating a free Metro Library UI on CodePlex.

There seems to be a definitive list here. Real problem I would have would be skinning the Scrollbar at application level (Possibly could be done with Win32 Subclassing). Some controls could leverage WPF (Progress Ring, Progress Bar, Progress Intermittent Bar).

Just food for thought...